What's Inspected During A Home Inspection

My inspections will observe and examine the following but just not limited to:  the exterior of the structure and the grounds around, observing the slope of the grounds and if vegetation may impact the structure.   Exterior faucets and exterior electrical outlets, the location of utilities.                          

I will using a Thermal imaging camera to look for signs of possible hidden water damage.

The entire roof looking at the condition of the roof,vent jacks and ventilation; slope of roof pitch and any drainage components.

All built in Appliances and a selected random number of electrical outlets looking for correct wiring and function, Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors.   I will examine the Main Electrical Panel to observe for correct and safe wiring. I will be observing and operating windows for function.  Bedrooms for location of smoke Detectors and correct wiring of electrical outlets

I will operation all water faucets for correct operation and drainage/flow; looking for any evidence of past water damages.  Examine showers/tub  for any conditions relating to proper sealing and installation. I will be operating all cabinet doors and drawers for working condition.

I will examine all heating and cooling components and operate them for correct function.  Examine all venting relating to safe operation of the components.

I will examine the basement/crawlspace of structure, observing plumbing components and subfloor components for any conditions.   Examine carefully for any signs of Wood Destroying Insects and any conditions that may be conducive to Wood Destroying Insects.

My Inspections are looking at the Serviceability and Durability of the structure and especially for any Structural and Safety conditions. 

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